didactic 1 (2020)
Paola Camba (1999, Habana, Cuba) Is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice often relates back to her Cuban roots. She chooses to focus her works on social and political restrictions via a surreal realism forms of painted scenes that discreetly explore this. She is also on an exploration of developing further understanding of abled bodies and paralysis through performance and textiles.
Camba's 'didactic 1' was created in order to mimic the dynamic of The National Gallery by introducing the idea of disruption through the use of another classical art form (ballet) - that appeals to the same demographic of people who frequently visit the institution. By choreographing a seemingly polished piece whilst also incorporating acts of disobedience- further highlighting the acknowledgement or awareness of these institutions and their alluding to a normalcy of existing problematic power structures. In which the majority of artists showcasing are white and male. Camba's piece is a reflection of how museums also feed into the voyeurism of a traditional audience.Whilst on the surface Didactic 1 may appear to be embracing the status quo, closer inspection reveals a sense of ‘Othered’- In a subject and a history that is not properly recognised or displayed.
(Parsons, New York, 4D & Central Saint Martins, London, 2D)