Speaking in Tongues is a performance-based project devised by Fine Art students of Central Saint Martins developed in a partnership with The National Gallery, London’s Learning & National Programmes.
A group of interdisciplinary artists from all over the world, come together to create individual performances correlating to the context of the national gallery, executed entirely from their homes during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Though the themes within the individual practices may vary, the main goal for this collaboration is to create a conversation about The National Gallery acting as both a historical and contemporary space, as well as an institution that is home to a permanent collection with pieces that date back to the mid-13th century. Through the exploration of different topics, these eleven artists attempt to respond to the subject matter and histories within the gallery.
The project commenced with a live stream on 15th May, 2020. The documentation of this live stream can be viewed through the link below, alternatively, selected individual films can also be seen alongside artist's bio.